Multimeter Clamps

F407 Power and Harmonics Multimeter Clamp , .

The measuring clamp F407 is designed for low voltage medium power applications in sectors such as the production of electricity and LV distribution, industry, railways.

This clamp meter is also suitable for technicians lift and other specialists in lifting and transport.
the applications for the clamp meter is maintenance, testing, monitoring, diagnosis and connection.
Equipped with a fast 12-bit TRMS digital acquisition system the large backlit display is clear and easy to read in all lighting conditions.

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F605_2,000 A TRMS AC+DC Multimeter Clamp , .


  • Clamping diameter: 60 mm
  • Current: 2,000 A AC / 3,000 A DC
  • AC and DC voltage up to 1,000 V
  • Resistance and audible continuity
  • Power values (W, var, VA, PF) and harmonics (THDf, THDr)
  • “2-wire method” phase rotation
  • Automatic AC/DC detection
  • TrueInrush current measurement
  • Min, MAX, Peak+, Peak-
  • RELative (ΔX) and differential (ΔX/X) measurements
  • CAT IV 1,000 V
  • IP54 protection rating
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