About Us

Kimag Technologies provides the solution for the cost-saving with a reliable and accurate measurement to the HVAC, T&M and IAQ. Offer ranging from power energy saving tools, portables meters, data loggers and transmitters.

Products offered:


Instruments for applications in many fields..
  • Installers of heating and air-conditioning systems, technical designers, manufacturers of air handling units, services oriented, operation and maintenance companies
  • Leading industries such as pharmaceutical plants, electronics plants
  • Process industries such as food, paper, nuclear
  • Building services, hospitals, clinics, greenhouses, museums
Measuring instrument we represent are dedicated to..
  • Ensure the correct operation of heating, ventilation and refrigeration installations, to improve comfort and reduce energy consumption.
  • Meet environmental standards and reduce emission of pollutants in the atmosphere.
  • Guarantee safety of people by monitoring environment to avoid the spread of bacteria, gas, and etc. in food industries, electronics, medical industries, laboratories, and hospitals
  • Control and maintain optimal conditions for manufacturing and storage, industrial sector, buildings, agriculture, breeding.