Hund Wetzlar

Respicon TM .

Main features and benefi ts
• Measurement of the three fractions of dust
– inhalable (I-dust)
– thoracic (T-dust)
– respirable (R-dust)
• Easy calibration of the photometer on basis of the gravimetric data detected (Respicon TM)
• Determination of max concentration and current values
• Compact and robust design
• Low detection limit of 50 µg/m3
• Storage of measurements
• Comprehensive SW for illustration and data analysis

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Respicon TM Data II .

Main features and benefits
• Little maintenance requirements
• Very long battery operation time
• Intuitive operation
• Direct display of measurement results via touchscreen
• Straightforward evaluation with analysis software
• Measurement range 10 µm/m³ to 100 mg/m³
• Interfaces: USB, Bluetooth
• Gravimetric calibration set available

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